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Silicone cords


Silicone cords

Our standard quality for compact extruded silicone rubber is 65 Shore A in translucent colour, although we can manufacture from 20 to 85 Shore A in any basic colour and any RAL to measure with a minimum quantity of 25 Kg, as well as luminescent, fluorescent or metallic colours.

We manufacture silicone cords starting at 1mm up to 100mm diameter in several coil lengths (25 m, 50 m, 100 m, 250 m and 500 m) depending on our customer's needs. We can also coil in different lengths and cut from 1mm onwards, upon request.

Our wide production range allows us to offer the best service on the market, with a delivery time of less than two weeks in all types of qualities: standard insulating silicone (VMQ), conductive silicone, vapour resistant silicone, fluorosilicone (FVMQ), very high temperature silicone (THT), very low temperature silicone (PMVQ), platinum silicone, FDA approved silicone for foodstuff contact (CFR21 section 177.2600), BgVV (recommendation XV) and medical-grade silicone complying with USP class VI.

General applications for silicone cords include sealing gaskets and vulcanised o-rings where excellent sealing properties are needed due to extreme working conditions, in all types of industries, O.E.M. (especially), valves, flanges, pumps, etc.

Ask us about the possibilities of manufacturing heat-vulcanised o-rings from silicone cords. We can supply any diameter ( Ø1 to 100 mm). Please check the table below for the silicone cords permanently available on stock, with the objective of giving a better delivery time, service and satisfaction to our customers.

Silicone cords 60 SH°(±5) translucent available in stock

(Taxes not Included)

(Price valid for full length rolls)
Don't hesitate contacting our sales department to ask for diferent diameters or roll lengths.
Ref. Ø (mm) Weight (gr/m) Color Roll Length (m) Roll Weight (Kg) (€/m) Online Stock (m)
CSTR600200 Ø 2 mm 4 gr/m Translucent 100 m 0,400 Kg
CSTR600250 Ø 2,5 mm 6,25 gr/m Translucent 100 m 0,625 Kg
CSTR600300 Ø 3 mm 9 gr/m Translucent 100 m 0,900 Kg
CSTR600400 Ø 4 mm 16 gr/m Translucent 100 m 1.600 Kg
CSTR600500 Ø 5 mm 25 gr/m Translucent 100 m 2,500 Kg
CSTR600600 Ø 6 mm 36 gr/m Translucent 100 m 3,600 Kg
CSTR600700 Ø 7 mm 49 gr/m Translucent 100 m 4,900 Kg
CSTR600800 Ø 8 mm 64 gr/m Translucent 100 m 6,400 Kg
CSTR600900 Ø 9 mm 81 gr/m Translucent 50 m 4,050 Kg
CSTR601000 Ø 10 mm 100 gr/m Translucent 50 m 5,000 Kg
CSTR601100 Ø 11 mm 121 gr/m Translucent 50 m 3,000 Kg
CSTR601200 Ø 12 mm 144 gr/m Translucent 50 m 3,600 Kg
CSTR601400 Ø 14 mm 196 gr/m Translucent 25 m 4,900 Kg
CSTR601500 Ø 15 mm 225 gr/m Translucent 25 m 5,625 Kg
CSTR601600 Ø 16 mm 256 gr/m Translucent 25 m 6,400 Kg
CSTR601800 Ø 18 mm 324 gr/m Translucent 25 m 8,100 Kg
CSTR602000 Ø 20 mm 400 gr/m Translucent 25 m 10,000 Kg


Silicone cords
Silicone cords
Silicone cords
Silicone cords

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