Smooth PTFE Tubes and Pipes

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Smooth PTFE Tubes and Pipes
PTFE Tubing - PTFE Tubes - Smooth PTFE Pipes. We keep a wide range of smooth and convoluted PTFE tubing hoses in permanent stock. Merefsa can supply thin smooth-wall PTFE tubing from 0.25mm up to 25mm I.D.

The main properties of the tubes made with fluoropolymers, in particular PTFE, are their excellent chemical resistance, thermal (-70 ° C + 260 ° C), biocompatibility, extremely smooth surface with very low coefficient of friction, good electrical insulation, fire retardant material, and the PTFE antiadherence itself. These properties of the PTFE pipe make it one of the most versatile tubes and with more possibilities of uses, existing in the market.

PFA pipes, in addition to thermal resistance and corrosion, have the property of being very transparent which makes them ideal for applications such as level indicators in aggressive chemicals, etc.

The tubes in FEP have the peculiarity of being heat-weldable with other fluoropolymers, but they have less thermal resistance (maximum + 204 ° C).

We can supply this type of fine PTFE pipe from 0.25mm to 25mm inside diameter. Our PTFE hoses with metallic outer reinforcement, aramid and polyamide can be supplied in complete rolls or as custom parts with bolted ends. On request we can supply custom colored PTFE, PFA and FEP tubes.

We have a wide range of measures in permanent stock of PTFE fine tubing and PTFE hoses.

In corrugated PTFE tubes, the corrugated design allows them to have a low bend radius and make them one of the most versatile tubes in their application on the market.

We have corrugated PTFE, FEP or PFA tubing in standard thickness from 8mm (5/16 ") to 100mm (4") of inner diameter, and in thin wall thickness we can supply from 20mm (3 / 4 ") up to 50mm (2") of inner diameter.

We can make smooth or walled finishes, As with fittings coated with the same inner tube to avoid contact of the fluids with the fittings. Our PTFE corrugated hoses with metallic outer reinforcement, aramid or polyamide can be supplied in complete rolls or as custom parts with bolted ends.

As we indicated in the table, we have a wide range of dimensions in permanent stock of fine PTFE tubing and PTFE hoses, the figures shown update the actual stock every 5 minutes. If you click on the stock, the quantity is updated instantly.

Main Characteristics of PTFE Smooth Tubing
  • Lack of elastic memory
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide working temperatures (-70ºC to +260ºC)
  • Biocompatible
  • Extremely smooth surface with the lowest coefficient of friction
  • Good electric isolation
  • Non-inflamable
  • Non-adherent

Standard Smooth PTFE Hose Dimensions

(Taxes not included)

Reference Ø Ext. (mm) Ø Int. (mm) Tolerance Ø Int. (mm) Wall (mm) Bending Radius (mm) Burst Pressure (bar) Roll Length (m) (EUR/m) Online Stock (m)
TPTFE0402 Ø4 X Ø2 ±0.16 1 16 ≥60 100
TPTFE0604 Ø6 X Ø4 ±0.20 1 36 ≥40 100
TPTFE0806 Ø8 X Ø6 ±0.25 1 64 ≥30 100
TPTFE1008 Ø10 X Ø8 ±0.30 1 100 ≥24 50
TPTFE1210 Ø12 X Ø10 ±0.30 1 144 ≥20 50
TPTFE1412 Ø14 X Ø12 ±0.35 1 196 ≥17 50
TPTFE1614 Ø16 X Ø14 ±0.35 1 256 ≥15 50

Main PTFE Technical Characteristics

Propierties Units Testing Method (ASTM) Value
Specific Weight g/cm³ D792 2.16 ± 0.03
Refractive index D542 1.35
Water Absorption (24h/ wall 3.2mm) % D570 < 0.01

Tolerance on Eccentricity

* Including tolerance on wall thickness
Wall (mm) Maximum Excentracion(*)
0.5 0.10
1.0 0.15
1.5 0.17
2.0 0.20
2.5 0.25
3.0 0.30

Influence of Temperature on Pressure Resistance

% Pressure Resistance at 23°C
Normally it is estimated as a service pressure 1/3 of the pressure of rupture indicated in the specifications. The temperature has a significant influence on the resistance as can be noted in the table
Temperature % resistance
23°C: 100%
50°C: 50%
100°C: 35%
150°C: 30%
200°C: 10%

PTFE Chemical Resistance

Chemical Product Resistance
Acetaldehyde Excellent
Acetone Excellent
Ammonium sulfate Excellent
Ammoniun Chlorate Excellent
Ammonium hydroxide Excellent
Aniline Excellent
Benzene Excellent
Boric Acid Excellent
Brine Excellent
Brome (anhydrous) Excellent
Carbon disulfide Excellent
Chloroacetic acide Excellent
Chloribenzene Excellent
Chloroform Excellent
Chromic Acid Excellent
Citric acid Excellent
Diethylic ether Excellent
Ethylene glycol Excellent
Chemical Product Resistance
Iron chloride Excellent
Iron sulfate Excellent
Fluorosilicic acid Excellent
Formic Acid Excellent
Freon (liquid) Excellent
Hydroboric acid Excellent
Muriatic acid Excellent
Hydrocianic acid Excellent
Hydrofluoric acid Excellent
Sulfuric acid Excellent
Maleic acid Excellent
Mercury salts Excellent
Naphta Excellent
Naphtaline Excellent
Nickel salts Excellent
Nitric acid Excellent
Nitrobenzene Excellent
Chemical Product Resistance
Phenol Excellent
Phosphoric acid Excellent
Phtalic acid Excellent
Picric acid Excellent
Pyridine Excellent
Salycilic acid Excellent
Silver nitrates Excellent
Sodium carbonate Excellent
Sodium hydroxide Excellent
Sodium nitrate Excellent
Sodium peroxide Excellent
Sodium silicate Excellent
Sodium sulfate Excellent
Sulfuric acid Excellent
Tanic acid Excellent
Tartaric acid Excellent
Trichloro-ethylene Excellent
Zinc chlorate Excellent


Smooth PTFE Tubes and Pipes
Smooth PTFE Tubes and Pipes
Smooth PTFE Tubes and Pipes
Smooth PTFE Tubes and Pipes


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