PTFE Coatings

PTFE Coatings
We make non stick, anticorrosive, PTFE, FEP, PFA and ECTFE coatings on all types of substrates
Our non-stick and anticorrosive coatings are based on fluoropolymer PTFE, FEP, PFA y ECTFE.

The methods for application range from compressed air for liquid paints to electrostatic projection for powder paints.

The substrate is usually metallic as it needs to withstand the almost 400ºC of the sintering process after painting.

With non-stick or teflonated coatings you obtain a thin, lubricant, hard and well bonded coat with the following properties:

* excellent non stick, non adherence
* excellent mould release
* high thermal resistance
* easy cleaning
* excellent sliding
* good chemical resistance

With anticorrosive coatings the coat thickness is greater (up to 1mm in case of ECTFE) and free from pores, thus obtaining the following advantages:

* excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals
* good thermal resistance
* good non-stick
* easy cleaning
* good sliding

Both types of coatings, non-stick and corrosive resistant can be foodstuff contact applied.

The applications in industry are varied:

- injection/compression moulds
- trays for liquid transfer
- welding lips
- textile drying cylinders
- chemical product depots
- reactors
- agitators
- bread and bakery tray
- butterfly valve
- thermoforming moulds
- parts in contact with adhesives

PTFE: Maximum working temperature: 290ºC
FEP: Maximum working temperature: 200ºC
ECTFE: Maximum working temperature: 150ºC
PFA: Maximum working temperature: 260ºC
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coatings


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