Expanded PTFE Sheets and Tapes

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Expanded PTFE Sheets and Tapes
Expanded PTFE Gasket - Expanded Sheets and Tapes PTFE. Merefsa is a company specializes in providing expanded PTFE gasket and expanded sheets and tape. You can contact us for more details about prices and purchasing conditions about expanded PTFE

Product made from 100% PTFE, developed by a highly specific treatment of PTFE Fluorocarbon. It has a high tensile strength, flexibility, hardness, chemical and thermal resistance, making it an excellent material for gasket seals in the most extreme conditions

Main Characteristics

Saves time: Easy to install, self-adhesive, easy to cut surplus or rims, non adhering, therefore it does not need scraping for maintenance, absorbs the possible surface irregularities, highly compressible.

Long life: 100% PTFE, resist compression flow and suffers no tear, no effort needed during assembly, it withstands pressures of up to 210 Kg/cm2, temperatures of -265ºC to +315ºC, practically inert to all corrosive agents, has no expiration date, does not contaminate.

Savings: Waste/surplus does not exist, do not waste time cutting gaskets, without maintenance once mounted, no need of large stocks, does not occupy space, good efficiency, limitless life.

Applications: Gaskets for smoke and gas conduits, deposit lids, glass facilities in fine chemistry, heat exchangers, reinforced fiber glass deposits, pumps, steam, hydraulic, registry lids, ceramics, hydraulic, pneumatic and water systems, etc.

Installation: The Expanded PTFE Profile/Seal is smooth, malleable and flexible with an adhesived layer for greater comfort when mounting on vertical surfaces.
  • Clean the rim, clearing the impurities on the surface where you are going to apply it.
  • Remove the protecting paper from the adhesived face, and put the profile in the center of the surface in a flat ring shape.
  • Overlap the profile in the lodging from 1 to 2 cm in the same direction as the bolt tightening.
  • Fix the flange, the compressed profile is equivalent to 1.5 times its width.

(In glass facilities the profile is not to overlap, since it can cause breaking of the glass during tightening)

We have sheets at your disposal of 1.5, 2 and 3mm and a wide range of PTFE expanded profiles in stock.

Expanded PTFE profiles usually stock

(Taxes not included)

(Price valid for full length rolls)
Ref.: Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Roll length (m) Roll weight (Kg) (€/m) Online Stock (rolls)
MEREXP031540 3 mm 1,5 mm 40 m 0,26 Kg
MEREXP031550 3 mm 1,5 mm 50 m 0,26 Kg
MEREXP052030 5 mm 2,0 mm 30 m 0,34 Kg
MEREXP072525 7 mm 2,5 mm 25 m 0,38 Kg
MEREXP072515 7 mm 2,5 mm 15 m 0,30 Kg
MEREXP103025 10 mm 3,0 mm 25 m 0,74 Kg
MEREXP124010 12 mm 4,0 mm 10 m 0,40 Kg
MEREXP176005 17 mm 6,0 mm 5 m 0,50 Kg
MEREXP176010 17 mm 6,0 mm 10 m 0,90 Kg
MEREXP207005 20 mm 7,0 mm 5 m 0,56 Kg

Expanded PTFE sheets usually in stock

(Taxes not included)

(Price valid for full piece)
Ref.: Side (mm) Thickness (mm) (€/m) Online Stock (units)
PLPTFEXP15005 1500 mm 0,5 mm
PLPTFEXP15010 1500 mm 1,0 mm
PLPTFEXP15020 1500 mm 2,0 mm
PLPTFEXP15030 1500 mm 3,0 mm
PLPTFEXP15040 1500 mm 4,0 mm
PLPTFEXP15050 1500 mm 5,0 mm


Expanded PTFE Sheets and Tapes
Expanded PTFE Sheets and Tapes


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