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Encapsulated Joints & O-rings with FKM in PTFE - PFA - FEP


Encapsulated Joints & O-rings with FKM in PTFE - PFA - FEP

Encapsulated o-rings

We commercialize FEP or PFA encapsulated gaskets with silicone core, in o-ring, square, rectangular, oval cross- section and for Camlok type fittings, full or hollow. We have no limit in o-ring diameter.

Why use an Encapsulated o-ring?
In some applications the use of conventional rubber is prohibited. The extreme corrosion or temperatures can have devastating effects on o-rings, causing premature ageing and losing watertightness.

O-ring Material Comparison:
O-rings made of Pure PTFE: PTFE is inert and provides a fantastic chemical resistance, but being a rigid plastic with practically no memory it cannot be used as a compression gasket as once disassembled, it will no longer ensure watertightness.
Sandwich PTFE gaskets: In spite of being economic gaskets, their design permits the possibility of lateral permeability, making it a weak gasket that chemical agents can attack quickly.
O-rings covered in PTFE: O-rings coated with acrylic emulsions or latex with PTFE obtain a low coefficient of friction, but they do not provide enough chemical resistance and the coating is deteriorated with much ease.
Perfluorelastomer o-rings: This material is the most advanced for sealing applications, it provides a fantastic chemical resistance in a very wide temperature range, but its high cost makes it impossible to apply in many occasions.
metal o-rings: They offer a good chemical resistance and an excellent ability to work with high pressure, but they are very rigid and in many circumstances expensive.
Encapsulated o-rings: Used as a static gasket, FEP and PFA provide an excellent chemical resistance and the Silicone or FKM core provide the flexibility that plastic does not have. In circumstances where there is a need to comply with FDA norms or there is contact with food products it is preferable to use the silicone core (-60 to +260ºC) whereas the FKM core (-20 to +204ºC) has the advantage of its chemical resistance. The FEP coating will limit us to an inferior working temperature range in comparison to PFA which remains stable up to +260ºC, having, as well, a superior resistance to abrasion and pressure.
Main Markets and uses:
* O.E.M.
* Chemical Industry
* Petrochemical Industry
* Pharmaceutical Industry
* Food, Drinks and bottling
* Paints and Tools
* Refrigeration
* Cosmetic
* Air filter gaskets
* o-rings for pumps
* o-rings for mechanical seals
* o-rings for valves
* o-rings for chemical product agitators
* o-rings for heat exchangers
* o-rings for flanges

Our standard lead time is of 8-10 working days.

Viton® is a trademark of Dupont Dow Elastomers.
Encapsulated Joints & O-rings with FKM in PTFE - PFA - FEP
Encapsulated Joints with FKM in FEP
Encapsulated Joints & O-rings with FKM in PTFE - PFA - FEP
Encapsulated Joints with FKM in FEP

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