Qualiflon cooking sheets

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Qualiflon cooking sheets
Qualiflon cooking sheets. Superior quality and innovation in qualiflon cooking sheets and release ptfe banking sheets in Merefsa.

Superior quality cooking & baking sheets apt for foodstuff contact. They provide innovation and improvements to cooking and baking (bread or cakes) such as easiness in mould release and hygiene due to their innate antiadhesion. The results obtained with chocolates, gelatins, mousses, pies, etc. are unsurpassable.

They provide a homogeneous baking without burns, nor drying of the food, helping the creation of new recipes for innovative cooks, giving a professional finishing touch.

Can be supplied in any size upon request. The most popular kept in stock are: 385x290 mm, 585x385 mm.

Ptfe cooking sheets main characteristics
  • High stability due to its glass fibre core
  • Non-adherent, 100% smooth PTFE surface.
  • Wide working temperature range (-50 ºC a +260 ºC).
  • High yield and low cost as it is reusable
  • So versatile it can be used in convection, microwave, traditional ovens as well as frying pans, freezers, etc.

Cooking sheets with its References

Ref. Nominal Thick.: mm Corners °C €/Ea Online Stock(uds)
QF08S395285 0.075 395 x 285 Square -150/260 TDS SDS
QF13S395285 0.115 395 x 285 Square -150/260 TDS SDS
QF16S395285 0.130 395 x 285 Square -150/260 TDS SDS
QF08R395285 0.075 395 x 285 Round -150/260 TDS SDS
QF13R395285 0.115 395 x 285 Round -150/260 TDS SDS
QF16R395285 0.130 395 x 285 Round -150/260 TDS SDS
QF08S585385 0.075 585 x 385 Square -150/260 TDS SDS
QF13S585385 0.115 585 x 385 Square -150/260 TDS SDS
QF16S585385 0.130 585 x 385 Square -150/260 TDS SDS
QF08R585385 0.075 585 x 385 Round -150/260 TDS SDS
QF13R585385 0.115 585 x 385 Round -150/260 TDS SDS
QF16R585385 0.130 585 x 385 Round -150/260 TDS SDS
Qualiflon cooking sheets
Qualiflon cooking sheets
Qualiflon cooking sheets - Square Corners
Qualiflon cooking sheets - Square Corners
Qualiflon cooking sheets - Rounded Corners
Qualiflon cooking sheets - Rounded Corners


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