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PTFE coated belts


PTFE coated belts

PTFE coated glass or aramid fabric and mesh belts are an excellent substitute to metallic belts which even though they are mechanically very enduring have several drawbacks: they are costly, heavy, have an extremely high energetic cost as they absorb the heat during the process, have serious adherence problems for clean process applications, etc.

We manufacture most types of belts and tapes in:

• PTFE coated glass fabrics, standard and antistatic
• PTFE coated glass mesh
• Aramid mesh
• Aramid and glass combined mesh
• Aramid fabric
• Silicone coated glass fabric

We can supply belts with a maximum width of 3600 mm with Alligator, Clipper, Bullnose, Peek, heat-sealed or castellated splices, and heat-sealed and/or sewn lateral reinforcements.

There are many applications for PTFE coated fabrics, the most important being:

Plastic material processing.
Textile production.
Carpet manufacturing.
Wood board manufacturing.
Heat shrink tunnels.
Non adherent surfaces.
Heat-sealing, thermoforming, welding.
Chemical protection.
Thermal and electrical insulation.
Conveyor belts.
Expansion joints.
Mould release and non adherence.
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts
PTFE coated belts

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