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Environmental Performance


Environmental awareness and communication

In MEREFSA, we believe that the environmental sustainability is only possible achieving the motivation and commitment of all those involved, that is why we often do information and awareness environmental campaigns so that everyone involved such as customers and entities are fully informed and know everything related to the environment in their working areas in order to have their participation and support in all the management actions and continuous improvement.


Significant environmental aspects

Recently, we have carried out an analysis of all the operations with a perspective of the life cycle, which has allowed us to clearly identify the environmental aspects associated to each stage of the design, the Silicone manufacture, PTFE and the commercialization of its derivates.

We have different mechanisms to identify and periodically evaluate the environmental aspects, determining which are significant.

We establish operational controls to all those significant aspects we have direct control and over those we have any kind of influence.


Environmental targets

Annually, we establish targets and environmental programs that allows us to improve our environmental performances and the protection of the environment, defining the measures we are going to carry out, the allocated resources and the best responsible to carry them out.

We do periodically a tracing of all the targets to ensure the achievement of all the expected results or establish new measures that allow us to achieve them.


Environmental performance

In order to know the evolution of the environmental behavior of our organization in a regular and systematic way, we measure and evaluate:

  • Legal compliance and another requirement
  • Significant environmental aspects
  • Risks and opportunities analysis
  • The results of the environmental performance
  • Environmental targets

We have established environmental parameters that provides us data about the consumption of our facilities, activities or services, management of the generated wastes and the associated emissions to the transport and so on.

These indicators give us a reliable and timely information for each aspect in order to be able to make a precise decision and fulfill our targets of continuous improvement for the environmental performances.


External communication of environmental information

MEREFSA has available for all the interested parts, information about the environmental aspects and their performances.

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